Good day folks,

I want to know what is the best way to build your website from scratch. Say, psd-to-html. What's your preference about this matter? Thanks.

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What do you mean exactly? Are you working with an existing site that you want to upgrade/polish or migrate the server side scripting from one platform to another? All of the above?


I think you should follow this STEP :
1. Learn HTML
2. Learn PHP language
3. Learn CSS
4. Learn jQuery / Javascript little.
5. Learn use free CMS app (Content Management System App) like Joomla.

It takes many days. Maybe, you can make website after 4 months study. I think best reference in internet is tutorialspoint.com.


Hello, there are lot of tutorial on youtube on how to create a website from scratch PSD => HTML CSS. Moreover, a lot of tutorial about this topic are provided by http://net.tutsplus.com
Please note that you have to practice a lot to be familiar with HTML CSS
Good Luck


To get a professional looking website up and running quickly and easily I think Wordpress is definitely the way to go. You can buy very cheap hosting and have Wordpress installed within just a few minutes.

There are tons of themes available to customize your site and to get the look and feel that you want.

There are dozens of forums and tutorials available to learn how to everything from the very basics to the most advanced topics related to the platform. Start with Wordpress.org or do a search on "Wordpress forums" or "Wordpress tutorials"

You will eventually want to learn some basic html coding skills. A good place to start is w3schools.com or else do a search on "html tutorials".


It is best just to use HTML5 and CSS3. Yes, PSD to HTML would be must easier design wise but you will not have as much customization after you create the PSD without editing the images.

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