i need some calrification on web site publishing ,hosting, space usage

That's an awfully broad question. One could post on one's own PC, in a minimalist fashion. Space is contingent on what you'd like to publish. Text can be small, photos/pictures take more room depending on resolution, movies typically more.

Dynamic websites with a database backend have additional requirements. Hosting off one's own machine is possible. Hosting can run from free to tens of dollars per month depending on the level of support and services that you require.

The question would be easier to answer if you were able to state your goals.

Cheers! Web design and development is a blast.

It depends on your contents of website. If you upload videos then you take more space. For website publishing, you need domain name & hosting. For trial basis you can use free domian. Now a days many website provides free domain as well as free hosting.
Let me know which types of websites you want to publish?

It depends on the nature of the website. However you can work out most of the requirements within 5 minutes.

  1. How much space does your page take up on your computer?
    ::Thats the start of your storage requirements

  2. How many people will be visiting the page?
    ::Increased traffic means faster connection/server. general rule: more people = higher spec

  3. Is there a database? (e.g. signup/login, blog, dynamic Content)
    ::If there is a database which is having regular updates, the website will need more storage(eventually).

So there you have it, 3 steps to working out the server you need.

I'd recommend using ww.1and1.co.uk. This is where I host my website www.ob-sys.co.uk

I have found the interface very useful and simple to use. The hosting is also very cheap which is a bonus.

Good Luck with your site.

my website is based on online study material for students. it contains data base for storing document files and register members. iam not geting what is hosting and what is server

hosting is providing a server, with the necessary functionalities to support all your needs.

hosting means you can upload your webapp/website on their server, and they'll maintain the actual server it runs on. might be you get a number of email addresses, might be you can have your own url, it all depends on the package you agree on.

you can install your own server and run it locally, but in order to host an online site, your machine would have to be up and running 24/7, and, depending on the number of users, would have to provide enough bandwith. that is basically (that and more, off course) what hosting companies do for you.

What is web hosting and how to make use of it?

Web hosting is a generic term which we will explain in the context of the web services you receive. Such services include:

Registering a domain name, such as example.org.
Using this domain name for serving a website such as http://example.org.
Having a website building tool or a blog or CMS application.
Using email by your domain name me@example.org.
Others - backing up your important data online, supporting chat / voice services and so on.

Free web hosting?

It is important to know that web hosting is not necessarily purchased. You can have your own web hosting for free - almost every computer with internet access can offer web hosting with a little technical knowledge on your end. On the other hand, reliable web hosting for busy / feature-rich web sites is expensive and would require complex setup. In other words, it all depends on your needs and abilities.Fortunately most people have common needs, which include a relatively simple website (blog, CMS, forum or other mainstream software) and an email solution for their domain name.
Shared or Dedicated hosting?

Most people's needs fit in the popular shared hosting solution. It is quite affordable, fast and stable. However, resources are shared among users and this has drawbacks in terms of performance and configuration flexibility. For example, if your application has a specific server requirement you should not expect the shared server to be re-configured to meet your needs.That's where the expensive dedicated solutions come - usually high end servers with dedicated resources which allow much faster performance and global server re-configurations.Prices vary between $5 and $10 per month for a shared hosting to more than $100 for a dedicated solution. If you are not a very experienced user and your website needs a dedicated machine, it would be best to purchase managed dedicated hosting solution, where the hosting company would make all server settings and security protection for you. The managed dedicated solutions prices start from $200/month.

Finding a Hosting Plan
What to Look For
Domain Registration
Automatic Application Install

Setting Up Your Website
Web Design Software
Content Management Systems
Setting Up a Content Management System

Publishing Content
Static Content
dynamic Content

First of all, You should purchase the domain for your website and after you should buy the web hosting for your site. This is not necessary part because of You can have your own web hosting for free but I think free web hosting can not provide the whole services.

Another point is that you should publish unique content on your website which helps in publish.

It depends on your contents of website.For website publishing, you need domain name & hosting. For trial basis you can use free domian. Now a days many website provides free domain as well as free hosting.