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you have a couple options... none of them are particularly appealing...

the easiest is to do some media queries and change objects on the page as necessary.

The other way is to make a "fluid" design, and redo everything with % or javascript resizing.


using javascript you'll be able to show and hide columns depending on the width of the browser window the user is viewing your page on.
as for text elements, you could set a percentage width and a min-width and, if the height is explicitly set, the element will resize to fit the text inside it.

you could also put the facebook thing below the google maps to make it a 2 column rather than a 3. There's no need to add a 3rd column just for the fb thing.


Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. This is the first page I've done and I find it looking really shoddy, so everyone's help is awesome!

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