Please help, I want my

scroll-up menu with CSS

only without frame/iframe (I hate frame :'( ) and javascript ... I', trying to load my blog with all css' not others.
(or, can I code others to be 100% validated in w3's validator? - I'm in my job right now - newbie need helps) thanks for help!

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What are you trying to accomplish? Not sure I understand what you mean? you want your menu to scroll with the page using CSS?

Have you tried using position:fixed in your CSS? That will keep the menu in position relative to the browser window i.e. it won't scroll with the page

thanks Hericles & Gabrielcastillo , for reply. by the way, I like using "fixed" for my menu. Thanks so much. what about using "fixed" for, say, left sidebar, content and rightsidebar .. I'm learning now ^_^.

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Be careful with fixed. Try it out with mobiles too. Bottom fixed items tend to jump around when scrolling on some phones.

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