The img src path is accurate, the adds were working two days ago, the only thing that has changed is the passwords for the server that the pictures are stored on.

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Can you explain a bit more of what trouble you are having? I can access the links you posted with no problem.

The img src is suposed to be displaying a jpg that is stored on the server referenced in a craigslist ad. however when I post it there is no image

Some websites will prevent image hot linking. That's fairly easy to do. That may be what is happening here. This is done to prevent others from linking to one's images.

The image source you referenced above was accessible when I tested it.

yes i took over building this guys sites from another developer and after i changed the passwords to the admins and the server the links stopped working, before that the images displayed just fine

Would it help if I told you he used wordpress?

I don't understand the correlation between the change in username and password and or Wordpress.

The image source above works at least for me.

As long as the web server isn't preventing access to the image from an outside referral, I can't figure out why you have no access to th image file.

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  1. Are you able to see the image that you posted in your site?
    If so, I don't understand your point
  2. Can you see any images on any other sites on your site?
  3. Have you checked the html in browser view source to see if the src is what you think it is?
  4. Also check to see that there's no javascript messing about with the src - you won't see this in view source - you'll have to check with something like Chrome's console (Inspect Element > Elements)

However, I really can't understand what the issue would be. If you can view the image from outside your site, then it's unlikely to be hotlink denial.

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