Hi, I'm a newbie to html. I'm creating a website with some pics. I want each picture to link to another html page to display a larger image, but I don't want to create a page for each one. Is it possible to create one html page, link to that, and have the image that was clicked on load into that page. I've got zero knowledge of javascript.

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Not possible with HTML alone. This requires scripting and can easily be done using server side scripting such as PHP, asp.net, Java, etc..

Well he might be able to do this with jquery.. It wouldn't be the best thing to do but for instance here could,

Create html page with a list of all the images resized to thumbnails
Create a click function to hide all elements on page and display the fullsize image.

This would be sloppy and slow.

Just my thought on it.. I wouldn't recommend this method unless the amount of images is less then 20

Yes there are options but with scripting client or server. Not possible with HTML alone.

I have been looking at simple JavaScript, probably my best option. Have some C# history, so I might be able to figure something out. Thanks for the replies


I'm working toward something similar and JorgeM is correct. There are methods with html, just not that practical. There are java scripts around that work well for what you seek.

My objective is having PHP provide multi items on a single web page and most information I have found has been in working with MySQL; however, my attempt is to keep the page coding small while providing large amount of items to visitors.

I manipulated an old script that came with an html editor that allowed me to randomize item images/information on one page that showed different categories on each visit/ refresh of the browser.

I am updating this to a PHP method that is currently in progress.

I'm learning that PHP has an oppacity method you can set a link to bring up your image in a shaded type of window which appears to be quite popular on web sites today. I'm looking at this option to link images from the index page to open in a similar format.

you can do it with html and javascript:
1- page.html?f=car --- <a href = "car.jpg?car">car</a>
2- in js file make an array of your pages
3- recall car for example in html code or you can use javascript code

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