I used to use adobe illustrator, photoshop and fireworks for image editing when I was using windows.

We have decided to switch over to linux and was wondering what good applications can we use.

I found gimp but its not enough it does not handle vector images and we don't want to use adobe products as they are too expensive.

Please advice which application should we try out.


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I know you do not want Gimp, but it is probobly the best you are going to get for Linux that is free.

There is a 30 dayt trial forPixel which is supposed to be the the "linux photoshop" or you can give Nathive a shot.

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I think a combination of the Gimp and Inkscape would be your best option. Inkscape should handle vectors images. Not sure if there are any commercial apps for linux which might meet your demands for the fraction of the cost.

I agree, Gimp and Inkscape are probably the best options.
Also Xara Extreme is another powerful (and free) vector GFX editor for Linux which might be worth trying.

Another supposedly good Linux GFX editor is Cinepaint (which is more aimed at photo and video editing I think!). I'm not sure whether this supports vector GFX though, I haven't tried it yet because Ubuntu don't seem to have it in their repository at the moment. So I'm currently trying to build it from source, but without much luck so far...Doh!

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Hmmm - was about to suggest Xara. Their image editor is a combination of vector and raster, making it extremely powerful. Having builds specifically coded for Linux, you're not looking at porting issues.

As to Gimp - thank GOD I'm not the only one to see what a piece of cr@p it is!!

By the way, a CS2 build of Photoshop (via WINE) should be fairly cheap these days... that's if you want to stick with the familiar.

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> thank GOD I'm not the only one to see what a piece of cr@p it is!!

It's good for freeware, and it does the job. Paint dotNet might be another good free alternative for windows OS.

It's good for freeware, and it does the job. Paint dotNet might be another good free alternative for windows OS.

Sorry, but is not good even for freeware. Firefox is a good example of freeware; it poses a good example to proprietary applications, and is fully featured. Gimp on the other hand, offers nothing more than a crappy experience, its only "selling" point being that it's free... sorry, but for those of us depending on high-quality graphics software, simply being" free" doesn't cut it.

As far as I know that you should be go for Inkscape because it could be the better option than other tools for you. It imports types like JPEG, PNG, and others. I am sure it will definitely works great.

Hey, As per the image editing concern i am always preferred with Inkscape graphics software because it is an open source and widely used on linux. I hope this might be very useful for you.

Yes, it is true that photoshop and flash both are one of the best image editing tools which you can use in website designing, logo designing. Many people use this designing tool which is effective.

In my opinion you should be use old version of adobe product, these are now available in cheap price.

Fireworks offered then is still as true today. A true web design environment with the right tools to do the job you want. Bringing it back to it’s basics Photoshop and Illustrator are both products that are aimed at the CMYK or print world, with it’s subtractive coloring systems. Yet, if you are a web designer you spend every day in the RGB or screen world with additive colors. They are both a completely different ball game.

Fireworks is aimed 100% at the RGB or screen world and the tasks that you need to do every day, or at the least very often. So let me prove why it kicks the Photoshop/Illustrator combo in to touch.

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