I am having a problem with tables in email. I have several that I use with no problems. I am using Windows Mail 6 (formerly known as Outlook Express 6). The problem is with the code of the table below. It's this part: background="" . That's in the first section. This is what happens. I put a background in my email by using the "Format > Background > Picture" feature. Then I put this table in the emails source code and then add my graphics to the table. I also add a different background than the main background to the table...where it says background="" . I put the file path there and then I have another background in one of the tables. Everything has been fine, or so I thought. Recently I noticed a problem. If I delete the background that I put in that code or rename it, it doesn't show up. I don't mean before I send it, because I know not to do that. But even if I do it days later. The main background (where I do the Format > Background > Picture thing) isn't affected by this. I only noticed it because I still had a certain email in my sent items folder and opened it and noticed that a background I deleted off of my hard drive was not in the email anymore. I thought that was weird because nothing else does that. If I delete a picture that was in an old email, that still shows up. And like I mentioned before, so does the 'main' background. Windows Mail encodes images in a way to prevent this from happening except with that one thing. I tried changing the code in lots of different ways to no avail. Anyone know what's happening? Thanks so much for any help!


<TABLE style="FILTER: alpha(opacity=100); WIDTH: 762px; HEIGHT: 69px" border=2 
cellSpacing=3 borderColor=#000000 cellPadding=5 width=762 background="" 
bgColor=#ffffff align=center>
      <DIV><STRONG> </DIV>
      <TABLE style="FILTER: alpha(opacity=100); WIDTH: 625px; HEIGHT: 100px" 
      id=table2 border=2 cellSpacing=10 borderColor=#000000 cellPadding=10 
      width=625 bgColor=#ffffff align=center>
            <DIV align=center><FONT color=#000000 face=Constantia>
            <DIV align=center><FONT size=2 face=Constantia><FONT 
            size=3></FONT></FONT></FONT> </DIV></DIV></TD></TR>
          <TD bgColor=#ffffff>
            <DIV align=center><FONT size=1 
        face="Kristen ITC"></FONT></DIV></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></DIV></STRONG></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></BODY></HTML>

You may need to have a new file, and just play with it. It works for me.

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