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The picture is good because it gives us an idea of how you want it to look like, but we would need to see your sample, relevant code to really be able to advice on how to style it.

You can post your relevant code here, or provide a link to the site online, or use jsfiddle.

<strong>1. Explain the structure of PL/SQL in brief.</strong>

PL/SQL is a procedural language which has interactive SQL, as well as procedural programming language constructs like conditional branching and iteration.


<strong>2. Differentiate between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD.</strong>

<strong>% ROWTYPE</strong> is used when a query returns an entire row of a table or view.

<strong>TYPE RECORD,</strong> on the other hand, is used when a query returns column of different tables or views.

Eg.  TYPE r_emp is <strong>RECORD</strong> (sno smp.smpno%type,sname smp sname %type)


e_rec smp <strong>ROWTYPE</strong>

Cursor c1 is select smpno,dept from smp;

e_rec c1 %<strong>ROWTYPE</strong>


<strong>3. Explain uses of cursor.</strong>

Here you can see i have used <!--nextpage--> and i am do this in wordpress post. So please help.
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