I am not going to hide the fact that i am SOOOOO new to web design... I've been trying to get a website up and running, and it is coming along slowly. To be honest i just discovered CSS, and i'm reading a nice tutorial on that. But, i may be a newb, but i'm pretty quick at catching on to programming languages. I'm sure web design tools will be no exception.

Down to the point. I'm curious as to how websites handle user inputs. I'm not talking about "please enter user name and password," as that is another topic for another day. I'm talking about user comments. or this forum for example! How is it that when i post a comment on a website, or submit a thread, seconds later my post is integrated into the code of the website for others to see?

I have a hunch that there is a program running on the server that takes the post, and adds it to a database, then when the next user accesses the page, the program running on the server sends that user the most recent posts?

I just need an idea so things start to make sense :) Thanks :)

edit: maybe it's something to do with php to script the recent posts into the user's view?

figured it out myself. yes it is indeed embedded php and some sort of database. I'm playing with php now and it is simply amazing.