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Responsive websites are developed to deliver the content and appearance based on screen dimensions that can be handled by all the devices like desktop, mobile, iPhone, tablet etc.

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I guess I'd like to know the history of Web Design in regard to devices. I was in training in 2009, where we were taught to design for each divice and use scripting to force the site to a specific device. As in many cases we've had to do for different browsers? I'm taking a responsive web class and am shock to see we are now designing for screen size. I say, yea... but, why didn't we do this before? Do we still need to design or other browsers that users prefer, Mozilla, IE and Safari?

A responsive website is much more than a desgin it focus on the all the devices not the smarphones only. Though it use the media css property to adjust itself. ANother thing about them is the menu which go in one.

You can check on desktop itself if you website resposnvie or not. Try to resixe the window and see the effect.

I have seen that pages will respond and change. I just wonder if we still need to be concerned with other browsers, or legacy browsers.

You are right to know the website is perfectly designed this responsive design is more useful. However when you check the site in laptop and in iphone the site should be same and then it is called Responsive Design.

There are lots of tool available for creating responsive websites. But in my opinion is bootstrap is the better choice for doing this.

A responcive website is the completly flexible and all kind of devices, & browser friendly. This kind of website also reduse the bounce rate and give the complete freedom to the user to access all the accesable pages of that website.

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