Hey guys, I'm stumped. I was wondering if any of you know a script so that when you rollover any image, a body of text will appear above it. An example would be here.
Roll over the image buttons, and it will say a rating. Ofcourse, they could put any text there, not just a rating. Do you guys have any ideas?

Thanks, Yoshi CLONE.

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I would use a script that toggles a CSS style, from "display:none" to "display:inline", for example.


Erm, what doesn't work, the examples in the link?

It works for me?

I do it. And you see a block above it, but no text. :/


XD Do you have AIM or something so maybe you could help me out? :P

What is the problem? The instructions in that link I provided, is about as simple as it gets. No offence but if you can't follow that I'd give up web design.

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that was a pretty rude/negative comment.
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