I welcome your participation in the HTML, CSS, & JavaScript forum. Many of the links you've posted are interesting. However, the main purpose of the forum is discussion. Rather than simply posting links, I'd appreciate it if you'd provide some commentary about the links, such as your opinions, questions, etc.

Also, when someone joins a forum, it's implied that they'll do their fair share of question ANSWERING. Please review some of the active threads and try to provide some relevant input.

Otherwise, you'll give the impression that your real motive for posting is just to provide an excuse to show your signature line. While Daniweb extends this courtesy to members who've made at least 10 posts, merely posting links isn't quite in the spirit of things!

Good Bye HTML, CSS & JavaScript Forum - there will never be another visit, post or "link" made here again

That's up to you. I sincerely hoped you'd stay and contribute.