Hi ..

does any one suggest me div maker tool

i mean a tool which generates code as per specifications .. number of rows and columns and so on

i am not that good in css part , so pls help

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There are loads of tools, Dreamweaver is the one I suggest. or Click Here

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Sorry sribharath, this does not make much sense.

You mention div maker. What is that?
Code generation - which markup or language?
Number of rows and columns - for what? a table, a textarea?
CSS - not sure what this has to do with the div or the cols/rows.

Please think about what you need exactly. Are you looking for a code/text editor? Should it have code autocompletion and code hinting?

Dreamweaver is not free - it's very, very expensive :(

Notepad++ is a free tool and supports many languages and markup schemes.

Aptana, Netbeans, Eclipse, Bluefish, Sublime2 and many others are also viable 'free' options. Some are platform specific, so take note.

I think , Notepad++ is the best div makeing tool.

You're asking for two different things bud. You don't want a "code" generator, you want a "markup" generator. Keep in mind however, that if you're going to go this route, it's best if this is a small project since markup generators will give you A LOT (A LOT, A LOT A LOT ... DID I SAY A LOT?) of un-necessary markup that will throw your file sizes through the roof.

I think adobe dreamweaver and notpad++ both are good software for web designing.

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