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Sorry sribharath, this does not make much sense.

You mention div maker. What is that?
Code generation - which markup or language?
Number of rows and columns - for what? a table, a textarea?
CSS - not sure what this has to do with the div or the cols/rows.

Please think about what you need exactly. Are you looking for a code/text editor? Should it have code autocompletion and code hinting?

Dreamweaver is not free - it's very, very expensive :(

Notepad++ is a free tool and supports many languages and markup schemes.

Aptana, Netbeans, Eclipse, Bluefish, Sublime2 and many others are also viable 'free' options. Some are platform specific, so take note.


You're asking for two different things bud. You don't want a "code" generator, you want a "markup" generator. Keep in mind however, that if you're going to go this route, it's best if this is a small project since markup generators will give you A LOT (A LOT, A LOT A LOT ... DID I SAY A LOT?) of un-necessary markup that will throw your file sizes through the roof.


I think adobe dreamweaver and notpad++ both are good software for web designing.

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