how to design a website using html?

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Your question is unclear. Do you want to learn HTML? Because if you knew HTML your question would be redundant...

you can start here and practice on these templates.

You never desigh a website only by using HTML.
There are other languages that are used to desigh a website, these languages include CSS, java script and PHP.
The combination of these languages make a website.

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Unless you want to waste your time, don't post further info here. The question is ridiculous and has been posted by a member with dubious intentions. Further posts here will probably only serve to keep this empty vessel from crowding the forum's first page. Posting random bits of help will probably just earn you downvotes.

html is not enough to develop a qquality website. html & css both are the combination of a web page designing tool.

HTML and CSS both are can be used to creat the web site.

If you know the html basics then generate the html code use notepad++, Dreamweaver or your favoure code editor.

Then save the code with .html extension.

for example: "example.html"

After that run html code with your favourite browser. Here the html content only will displaying.

If you want design the page you should know CSS style code.

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