What kind of effect is used in this following picture http://d2o0t5hpnwv4c1.cloudfront.net/2138_SimpleParallax/images/only_background_2.jpg? It is normal blurring using photoshop or any other effect? How can I apply this effect to my pictures? I've seen this kind of image effect used in the lasted iOS as well.

Thanks in advance

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Its the Blur effect.It can be done in Photoshop also.

TO do that follow these steps.Its simple.

1) Open the image.
2) Select the particular part or the entire image which u need to blur.
3) Go to filter menu and select any kind of blur(i.e., Guassian blur,Motin Blur,etc)
4) The angle and ratio selection window will appear with a zoomed preview.Adjust it based on your necessity.
5)Press ok.

And save the image.

Your Blurred image is ready.

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