I've created a gif in Photoshop that contains 5 images. It's placed at the top of our website as banners that change to the next image every 3 seconds. I need to link each image to each banners website. How can I do this? I use Dreamweaver for our website. (All I can see is the name of the gif that contains all 5 images. So I can't link each image the way it is currently coded).

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There's no way for you to detect which frame of an animated GIF is being displayed by the browser, so you can't modify a link this way.

I'd suggest that you replace the animated GIF with a slideshow script. There are many free slideshow scripts available online that will let you connect separate links to individual images in the slideshow. A quick Google search will let you find one easily.

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Thank you. I had a feeling I'd have to make it in another format. Will the slideshows in Adobe Bridge allow me to add the links?

Okay, I have used the slideshow maker, adding the links. How do I get it in a format, Dreamweaver will accept? It's in a format created by the slideshow software, but even if I "save as", there is no option to change the format? Do I need to download a converter and if so what format do I convert it to?

I've got it working now. Just had to figure out which way to publish it. Just need to change one image because it's too big, but other than that it's showing like it should. Just had to adjust some code.

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