Moving a site over from transitional to strict doctype.
And Firefox is not displaying the CSS.
I have spent hours trying to solve it, without any luck.
I usually do build for FF first and IE last, but it was always transitional, because I was more forgiving when doing complex design.
I have googled just about everything I can think of related to it.
And I am stuck.
It has got to a minor detail I have overlooked... I probably have just been staring at it for too long.
You can view it here

Can anyone pls help me out?

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Hi rariti,

Yes I think I can help you.. :) that reason is your CSS file is served with text/plain Content-type header not with text/css, which is needed. It's a problem of your web server configuration.

Thanks for replying smalldog. I am not sure what you mean by server configuration. The page looks great in transitional mode. I am just getting into strict doctypes, and so far have hit a very thick brick wall. I have been trying to figure out how to get this page to look right, and why Firefox specifically isn't reading the css.

Hey thanks for the kick in the behind. MimeTypes.... I would have never figured it was that. It certainly opened my eyes to it. Looks like I got some more reading to do on its importance. I did exactly what SmallDog suggested, and it worked. I was seriously going nuts trying to figure it out. It never crossed my mind that maybe it was the server.

And thanks for the link DanceInstructor. That really helped clear things up. I have put in a ticket to my provider to update the mime-types on this dev server to match my other server. I added the css htaccess line from the Mozilla link. That got the page to display the css right.

I don't know if it was the way I was googling, but when i was trying to figure this out initially, my searches for "Firefox not displaying css with strict doctype" returned nothing about mime-types, or the possibility of it being the server.

Thanks again guys.

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