Hi I am beginning by final year project which is an appointment system. I had planned to use Visual Studio and SQL Server for this but at the end of the year I have to submit my system to the uni on a disc, I was just wanting to know if this possible to do with using SQL Server? I am using my own laptop as the server. If I put my software on a disc would the uni be able to view it properly as the database connection won't be available.

Does anyone know of a way I can get Visual Studio and SQL server to work or would I be better taking a different software approach to my project?

If you are using visual studio, I'm assuming you will be developing this in asp.net?

So you need more than a disc. Will you have your laptop with you? If so, you can run the project from there using visual studio's dev server. You can have sql server express edition to host your DB.

It's not like MS Access where you can just save the .mdb file within your project.

Yea was wanting to develop in .net

Yea that's what I thought, the problem is at the end of the year we have to present the system which is fine because I can use my laptop but then we have to submit the project to the uni on a disc. That's what I was having problems with because I didn't think it was possible with the software I wanted to use. I think I may need to rethink software.

I've taken courses before where you turn in your project files and the teacher simply uses the same IDE to run the project. In this case because of the SQL component, some addition config is needed on the teacher's side.

However if you are presenting in class, your teacher may just accept your project even if he/she cannot run it. The demo/presentation may be enough.

Another option is upload your web app to a hosts server and your teacher can see and access your site that way.

Just talk to your professor before you give up on the idea.

Have you thought to use for uni version a file that can than be parsed and populate youe application with the necessary data.
Something like a xml or a excel document.
Hope this helps