How I can make fastest a slider with small linked images like a film tape and they should slide left and right !!!!!!! Pls help fast !!!

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If you could slide several at a time, as if it were a single image, I'd suggest using twitter bootstrap and its carousel; never been easier.

If you need multiple images sliding one at a time there are several jQuery plugins you could use, for instance jCarousel which lets you set the number of elements.

what i plan is 30 images slider where u can see 8 images at a time

left slider < 6img 7img 8img 9img 10img 11img 12img 13img > right slider

also the images should be linked, u should be able to click on every image and get to a new link.... tnx

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Pls help fast !!!

Not the way to ask. Contributors are volunteers not unpaid slaves. You should outline which solutions you've looked at yourself. Which solutions have you tried? If the answer is "none", you made a mistake by posting here first.

If i had a trail I wouldnt ask for help...

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So you couldn't search for "image slider carousel"? Please.

yep but that s 1 slide i need 8 small visible ......

Well wadda ya know, a double post, Hi mum

So wrongway, you checked 700000 results and found none of them were configurable?
In 24 Hours?
let alone that traevel posted two links to scripts that do exactly what you asked for, in the first reply

I'm impressed, , ,
that point on the zero-to-bullshit scale is not seen often
thanks for dragging it out for us to view
get off your lazy @ss and make an attempt

you cant fix stupid

tnx guys i was rushing i just sow on first img no link and i stopped searching :S my bad i ll search better

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