I've written my client's site and am now running into a problem that has to be pretty common. ... How to give my client publisher rights and get them setup with a frontend user interface they can use without alot of training? ??

Is there a great (free) extension somewhere that will help me setup up the user rights, a login form, a menu item that links to the login form, and a frontend user interface they can understand?

Are these the steps to getting a user setup and online so they can publish content?

Guess I'm kind of lost.

Need to get them setup so I don't have to make all of their content changes.

Can one of you experienced webmasters help me out? Point me in the right direction? Let me know how to go about this task?

Thanks so much,


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Put simply, the easiest way would be to check if your web hosts supports php and a SQL database on the backend - although you don't need a database. Most do, I'd be surprised if they didn't.

PHP allows anyone to alter and make changes to the html pages from wherever in the world ... given they have an internet connection.

At the moment you're probably making changes using an ftp client.

Set them up with username and password and you can restrict exactly what they are allowed to do, so that they don't totally F* up your work.

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I had to write their site using GoDaddy (I call them "StopMom" :)

The thing is ... I have a login form setup on their live site (www.thebuffalogroup.com) which works to sign into their "publisher" account. I can get in and I do see an editor button but it doesn't work. Doesn't respond. Funny because it's working on the other site I wrote (www.skcfed.com). I've compared the two setups and I can't find out what's wrong.

Why doesn't the jce editor come up when I click on the edit button in the front end? Can't figure it out. Is there a handy extension that will fix this?

I so appreciate the help!


If you do not have much knowledge in building a cms (content management system) it can be overwhelming at first. Well, I am still new to this but I am getting better as I go. Anyways there is an option if you want a pre-built cms that you will only need to plug-in a small portion of code. Well, there are alot but http://www.speaklight.com/ and http://www.surrealcms.com/ are my favorite.

Also, you can always consider slicing up your design and making it a wordpress template. You will still be administrator and you could manage your client's privileges. Best part, it free! I love open-source. Anyways if you want to do that visit this website for a step-by-step tutorial http://www.webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/building-custom-wordpress-theme/ . There are tons of tutorials out there and if you want to make this website less like a blog Drupal is also a good one.

Well, hope this helps. Had to give you my two cents : )

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