now am learning HTML/CSS please guide me for become good web designer

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its good keep it up. for good developer you have to command on languages like html, css, java script and php. google for tutorials and you can also found many books on them. Good luck

Hey there,you need to learn the basics like HTML,CSS,Java script first,once you are comfortable with these you can move to more complex languages.

You can always find help on
2.Google(You Knew this already).
3.Code Academy
4.And then there

I suggest be patient at first there are loads of things to learn , take it one day at a time.
Good Luck.

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This looks like a hook to his signature link. No effort. A gimme post leading to the same old tired responses. This question has been asked (and answered) a million times. Please search the forum or better still, ignore until the OP returns with a suitable specific question.

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