What does you think about CoffeeCup Software for web design, anyone.
I wants to start designing websites.

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Most drag and drop software produces pixel layouts, loks great on your desktop, looks crap on any other screen size, device resolution, pushes out of partscreen windows,

Coffee cup html can produce html5 css3 compliant code, % em rem layouts, it has a very short learning curve, and doesnt have to be fixed later to make it display on a ipad or phone
preview on any device - built in
version control
Clean code, separated layout and presentation
code completion and hints, its hard to leave out closing an element

Pretty damn good actually
I write by hand, since the 80s, now using notepad++
If I were beginning again now, probably first choice for html,
as your skills increase, the editor adjusts, only pushes when you miss something

later when you build serverside, php asp sql, its still a good choice for the html part of it

Thank you.

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