I am a newbie to Dreamweaver. I have experience working with FrontPage and have been able to work with DW fairly easily and plan to convert all of my websites to DW. However, I have had a couple of problems with some pages I am working with. My audio was working fine in the Preview mode and my video was not working in some very simple pages that I did. It seemed that the video would work in Windows Media Player 9 but not version 10. In a full blown site that I have created, my navigational Flash buttons worked in Preview mode, but a person I had to view the non-published site said they couldn't view the buttons and thus could not navigate the site. I felt creating the Flash navigational buttons was really easy (maybe I am naive), Now that I have linked the pages from our church website that I work on (a little out of date as of now :sad:) in order to have the pages actually published, I can see the buttons and navigate the site just fine. I don't know why the other person could not. However, my audio does not play. It should be a Quicktime plugin. Now with all of that said here is what I need:
Would someone please look at the following page:
and check the links on that page. It is a simple Test page that I linked in order to check the pages and site that I created. When you get to the Intro to Geocaching link check to see if the video works from the Find A Cache link and do the Flash buttons work at the top. Basically check all links. Let me know if there is something that doesn't work and what I need to do as I have worked and worked to make everything right.

I GREATLY appreciate any person that can help me out. :lol:

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I've moved this post, as Dreamweaver, Flash, Quicktime and the rest aren't HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

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