i have a problem with the way my webiste looks in different browsers. In firefox it looks fine, but when I view it in IE it looks really different, can anybody explain why this happens, and if there is a way to fix the problem?

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Different browsers have different interpretations of the HTML "standard". The best you can do is ensure that your html and css code are W3C compliant (see w3c.org). Web developers / designers spend countless countless hours trying to rectify what you're trying to do ... get their sites cross-browser compliant.

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Well I went to W3.org to see if the page was valid, my css code was, but my html wasn't. It generated a lot response, one is the doctype header. What is the purpose of the doctype header and which one whould I use? Where it listed all the problems it said if this was right then it might fix a lot of other problems, which too me did not seem like problems.
BTW if anyone wants to actually view the code and see what I am talking about for yourself, my site's at http://people.umass.edu/spullen/

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