I am trying to fix this bootstrap div id. Is it okay to use it twice?

Please cek this site: http://www.innovation.web.id/One/blog.php

I try to validate: https://validator.w3.org

Error: Duplicate ID row.

From line 90, column 1; to line 90, column 14

↩</div>↩↩↩<div id="row">↩↩<div

Warning: The first occurrence of ID row was here.

From line 62, column 1; to line 62, column 14

enter">↩↩↩<div id="row">↩↩<div

Bootstrap uses:

<div class="row">

Of course not. It is never OK to use the same ID for two or more individual subjects in the same global context. But ain't that obvious?

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