Cek this site: http://www.purelineliving.com/

Cek the top navigation. I wonder if it is possible to let the navigation remains the same on pc and change it to bootstrap navigation for mobile phone on mobile phone.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it's possible.

Like pty said!

But you will have to replace the current markup for that navigation to the bootstrap navbar markup.

But 2, the layout of that website is totally broken (not responsive) on tablets and mobile phones, so you might want to fix that first.

Well, if I replace the current markup for the navigation to the bootstrap navbar markup, then will the navigation changes to bootstrap navigation on pc?

Just like in https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_navbar.asp

See the thing is on pc, I still want to keep my current navigation.

Something like this:

If (mobile size) use bootstrap nav

else use pc nav

How to write the mobile size in syntax?

You take the bootstrap navbar markup and then you replace/overwrite the default CSS of it with the CSS (design and spacing) that you have written for your current navigation.

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