well the problem i have is that when i use tables on every diffrent screen the cells change their shape to fit the screen so all the text is wraped accordingly. is it possible to stop table from shrinking at a certain point so that the text wont wrap more to screw up the page. I am not very skilled at CSS but know little. any idea on how i can fix this problem...

That's what CSS is for: positioning, sizing, and styling HTML elements. It sounds like you're either not sizing your table elements, or if you are, you're using percentages.

Instead, you should provide CSS rules for the table, tr, and td elements, using absolute pixel measurements.

For example:

<style type="text/css">
table {width: 500px;}

Place that in the head of your document, and any table will be 500 pixels wide, no matter the browser window size or screen resolution.

What would you suggest the most common width size for a table with least comflicts with computer resolutions. as my screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 px so i see almost every website fine but that is not with everyone and i am trying to figure what size should my table should be so there are less chances of scroll bars popping up.

I suggest 1024x768 for most sites. I do a lot of work for government and financial institutions, which tend to lag behind the general public, so for them I try to work with 800x600.