I am new to this particular site, this the first time I have tryed to do the forum communique for my web design..
My main focus is a website for my friend and I to have our Dj mix sets on.
We have an account through www.godaddy.com w/ a database through MySQL. Which Is really confusing me..
I made the current page in Micrsoft Publisher and can't insert audio.
I ahve been able to do this w/ Powerpoint but, I dont' want to it this way..
I have also try to <embed src=... But I get a small Quicktime Symbol and when I click what is supposed to be a small player I get an error..
I have Dreamweaver and I'm lil new w/ it and I'm not sure how to use it.
Should I redo the current page in Dreamweaver, and will Dreamweavr let me insert audio into my projects?

I have a million questions, I've looked and still I am having the hardest time.

WWW.AUKEECREW.COM -this The homepage have 500 mg here an http://home.wi.rr.com/mixologist -This is a Road Runner site that is just redirect for now.. i only 5 mg here

Hi Nico,
How do you want your audio to play? do you want it just as a background music or do you want a MP3 player on the page that plays a playlist like on this site www.the-return.co.uk click onto the MP3 button.

I looked at your link and well :-) I'm not going to say a thing.
It looks like you do need some help, let me know about the music first then we'll have a chat about the rest of the site :-) and the answer to your other question yes use Dreamweaver.


Well I Would like the play list style player..

Yeah I know the site is rough it's only 3 days old and we had to get some music up..Plus this is the First time I have done this. the kids at www.djsource.co.uk were bugging on us..


I want to make some graphics and lay the links on to the image. Is that what you did?

I have all the Adobe Products so thats not a problem..
Should I do this instead and is that what you did?

You know Ihaven't sat down and done that yet . I only use them to make pictures and not for anything that had to do w/ web pages..

So feed back aprecciated.. Nico