Web languages — HTML, CSS and JavaSscript are the best choice for kids and for amateur programmers, because they are very simple, and with them you can create many interesting things: sites, mobile and desktop applications, web servers and robotics — what else an amateur programmer needs for happiness?

Visual programming!

Visual programming frees programmer from monitoring correctness of syntax program syntax, it is useful at beginning of training. This is the next stage in development of text-based programming languages.

And programming on the touch screen!

I suggest using the touch screen to create applications. You can create applications on the tablet, for example, lying on couch, or walking in park. I developed a new way of working with text on a touch screen, based on Flexbox.

But in the usual web programming there are two problems:

1) Web languages have a many of unnecessary features. To create real good programs you do not need to know these languages completely. In the beginning you can master core, the basic features. The rest you can learn later or never use.

2) In the professional web industry, besides knowledge of these languages, you need to know many other tools. To learn them you need to spend a many of time and effort. But kids do not need these complex tools, they need simplicity. The amateur programmer does not need to conform to industry standards.

We must clearly understand the beauty of web languages. The programming tool can be and should be simple.

Let's distinguish three areas of programming:
1) professional industry — complex standard tools and stress
2) teaching kids, at school or alone — minimum of stress and complexity
3) amateur programming — creating necessary programs for yourself

The second and third group of programmers can use one simple tool that I propose. Programmers from the first group may not understand the meaning.

Based on HTML, CSS and JavaSscript languages, I developed three visual programming languages for kids, and for all amateur programmers (like me) who need minimal programming complexity. So simple was not yet there.

I redesigned web languages, cut off all unnecessary and allocated a core sufficient to create normal web applications.

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