OK.... I can create som pretty pages, and out of preference, i go for the expanding/liquid layouts... which entails some problems, yet I am working round them!

So, I test my pages, I can get things to look the same in NN6/MFF1.0.1/IE6 for Win.... yet when I start changing the txt sizes, things tend to get a little ugly (*understatement!*).

So, I wa thinking through all I have read and seen, and I recall the units of measure for EM and EX.....

So, is it possible to build a fluid site using these values not just for text, but for the height and width of divs/objects/elements etc.?
Would this result in the whole content of the page and it's containers changing size in a relative manner, or am I just wishing?
(I ask, because I can't seem to get anywhere with this idea! LOL).

So, let me know!

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You can set widths using ems, but what exactly is your problem?

If you set font sizes for particularly problematic areas in px then they don't change size in IE6.

I'm getting a little frustrated.... I'm being shouted out about all this accessability stuff, and different browsers showing fonts in different sizes, and clients wanting to enable text-sizing through the browser.... yet I seem unable to provide a site that will hold a solid, pretty design in CSS that won't break when you change the text size!

Again, Tables has no issues with this.... yet in CSS, if you change the font sizze, things tend to go whacky!

Well, just make sure there's room in the layout (i.e. specify columns wider than they need to be) for some text expansion, and you should be fine. If you show us the particular page you're having difficulty with then maybe someone can give you some specific help...

It's just a template that my boss wants from an existing site that needs redesigning for a client... the original only works in IE via tables... so I thought I'd try it with css.... looks ok until the font size is changed!

Does it matter if I prevent the font-size changing?
(need I ask?)

actually it depends
If you're going for AAA accessibility then yes. If not, then it doesn't matter that much, since people who need to can disable your stylesheets and view it as they wish.
I'd say it's more important to get it into CSS to get that flexibility, than it is to be able to change the font size.

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