hey im looking for some html code for send to a friend so i can put it on my site, i just wanna little one that you can click, if u kno of any please let me kno

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I'm unclear what it is you're asking. You want to send some HTML code to a friend? Please clarify!

Also, since this is a professional forum, we expect a professional style of speech/language. Please strive to use proper punctuation and conventional spelling - one shouldn't have to decipher your messages or guess at what you're asking.

Near the top of this page, look in the pale yellow area below the Post Reply button. See where it says Email this Page? Click that link. He is looking for something that does that for his site. (Allows web surfers to recommend his site to friends by filling in a form)

I see. Ok, that needs to be asked in the appropriate server-side forum, doesn't it? You can't perform an email operation in client-side code.

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