hello friends,
i hav my very own forum but its hosted in a free hosting site called invision.. now i hav my own webspace and i want to have my own forum in that webspace.
i don kno how to start with or is ther any software that can help me?

pls help.

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Is your keyboard missing letters? Many of your words are incomplete. If you want good quality answers, ask good quality questions, which includes not typing like a chimp.

There are many forum packages available. The two most popular are phpBB and vBulletin.

commented: It is not polite to be rude to people just because of their spelling this is the World Wide Web so some people may not be fluent in english. +0

sorry for that...

can u please tell me more about them like how to get them and so?

Several forum packages are available for free, almost all of them are written in the PHP language alongside a MySQL database. You will want to make sure you have installed the appropriate software the board needs first!

The most popular forum system is phpBB. They have a complete Userguide on their website, along with a active community that has developed hundreds of themes and modifications for it. It requires PHP and MySQL, and is entirely free.

You can find a huge list of forum software at Wikipedia. Note that not all of them are written in PHP; again, make sure you have installed the correct software for the system you pick before installing it!

Is your keyboard missing letters? Many of your words are incomplete. If you want good quality answers, ask good quality questions, which includes not typing like a chimp.

Agreed! I find it a little ironic that you are trying to use a device designed to facilitate communication without being able to clearly communicate yourself.

OK im not realy sure if we are on the same page here but i need help. I just bought a website from hostmonster.com and i was wondering if some one can take me STEP-BY-STEP though most of the project so i have a good idea i dont want some one to give me some site that shows it to me i need some one to take me step by step. SOMEONE not a site sorry but thats the best way i can do this so if you can help me or if you have xfire to help me that would be great my xffire is wtc1. post back here if you can if thats a way to help but i do need some ideas. THANKS YOU ALL.

I would recommend phpBB, since I use it and its real good. Thats my opinion, but if you want, you can just host some kind of a free forum and link it to your webspace, and place a link on your forum that leads back.

phpBB is the simpliest forum ever found, it has a large community groups with tons of mods and themes and supports, IPB's design is beautiful. VB is very expensive for a forum script
If you haven't got much time, and want to see what the new phpbb3 can offer, just try it out on this host : free forum hosting

Hope this can help!

Well i had a look at your webhost provider and noticed they have cPanel with Fantastico DeLuxe... things are a piece of cake or pie with that

Simply login to your cpanel and then scroll down and click on fantastico deluxe and then you can find forum softwares on the right normally there is phpBB and SMF ... install both and check which one your more comfortable with... dont worry installing and uninstalling with Fantastico DeLuxe is really easy.

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How do you put a forums on a html document?

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