hi, just wondering if there is any code out there, that could link a micro$oft access 2003 database to a webpage, im intending for it to be an offline page, so it would only be running on the same computer as the database.

thanks, darren

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Hi darrenw89,
It can be done only by using an scripting language which I recommend PHP.
Tell me if you want to know more.Also take a look at PHP Manual at ODBC Functions (Unified).

Good luck.

HTML alone cannot connect to a database. What you need to do is research server-side web programming languages. There are both scripting and compiled languages. The most popular at the moment is PHP, and Daniweb has a nice PHP forum. The other current contender is ASP.NET from Microsoft, and we have an ASP.NET forum as well.

Welcome to the forum.

cheers guys, so theres no simple way of linking an offline webpage to a database? - how hard would it be via php?

What is an "offline web page"? Of course one can link a page to a database, by means of a program running on the server written in a server-side programming language. The program will connect to the database, perform the queries and logic, and emit an HTML document.

HTML is a declarative syntax for describing a document. A "document" is a static thing - it is NOT a dynamic entity that can interact with a database. HTML is interpreted by a browser, which has strict rules for what it can and cannot do on a user system.

Also, it is client-side technology, so an HTML document cannot interact with anything on the server.

If you want a web program that interacts with a database, you need to use a server-side programming language, such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, or Java. I recommend PHP.

There is no way to answer a question such as "how hard would it be". I find it quite simple. Others struggle to learn PHP. Some already know SQL, others don't know how to pronounce "SQL".

G'day folks!

I'm trying to do something similar to the guy above, and had already assumed i'd need to use a PHP script of some kind to do it, basically what i'm trynig to setup is a html/php front end system that queries a database for support history (e.g. past problems)

Any ideas on the best way to tackle this/if there's a template out there perhaps someone has already setup?


Why not just do it all in Access? What is the need for a webpage?

Purely because I need a really EASY front end to it because most of my colleagues are douches (Not really, they're just lazy)

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