I'm using a table with two rows with backround colors for the design element, tho the table "above" the colored design rows is fixed beneath the colored rows in the opera browser. I don't want to merge the tables because it would put some the regular <td> elements against the left border. I guess I could format empty cells to avoid that..

Also, in opera, i don't understand why some tables appear at the top of the page when they're written after other tables so that they should be at the bottom, as they are in firefox, ie, and safari. How can I correct this problem so my pages look right in opera? thanks :-)

Please provide a link so we can see what you're describing. It's hard to visualize.

Are you using CSS and a proper DOCTYPE? Have you set the padding and margin properties for all elements appropriately?

thanks so much for offering to help, but the file is only on my localhost. it won't be published for another week. but anyhow, i checked my hosting reports and did not see any opera users, so i think i will just settle. thanks again for helping. i was up all night working on it, was able to fix a few things in opera, but i'm letting it go for now.

You can upload the file here so we can take a look.

Oh, good deal. It's also convenient to analyze because I made a temporary solution for the page to load adequately, though not optimally, in Opera, and that segment is commented, where the table of names and the twin colored rows are one table.

There is also another element, the "archive | notes" element which loads scrolled off to the right, instead of right under the colored bars.

Load it in firefox, it should look fine. Thanks so much for helping. Cheers. :-)

It has php, but no functions on this page. rename it to html and it should load fine. Thanks again.

It will take me awhile to get to it.

I had a double router meltdown and I was forced to wipe my hard drive.

It takes forever to reload everything.

OK...I'm trying to get a handle on this...

Are you trying to place one table on top of another?

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