hi all
im adding rows to table by clicking add button.
These rows have fom elements in it.

It depends upon the user how many times he clicks the add button to add new row.

In the end all i want is to send the total number of rows added attached to a form.
Can anyone tell me how to do that.......


JavaScript, set up variable which will be inceased by 1, every click of your button.

the prob that im facing is ......

suppose the value of no. of rows is in variable 'rowno'

now im sending this to my server for processing by making text button n attaching that to table.
now on my server i retrieve the value from this text button........

now what is happening is that....
if the user add new row after the first.....then a new text field is created for him.
what i end up doin is that everytime user add new row i append a new text field.......im not able to remove the previous text field.....

Can antone help me with this.......


when user add the rows for more than 1 times.....the text button is added

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