I have a web site. http://jimmy.d2g.nu now I put a DISCLAIMER up because I have found a web site that cloned by HTML site. I heard about some kind of code that encrytions
fuck I cant spell. Anywho when people view my Source is there is a way to hide it or make it so they cant find one line of code please let me know this is important to me. Something to mix up the code.

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Hmm... i know what you're talking about, but i don't think it's going to work very well. Below is a site that might work, but i'm not sure. I remember once finding a site that had what you're talking about, but i don't remember it. First of all, your site is in ASP so the person can't just simply download the file by right clicking and save file. The server will just give back a blank page. Second, a person could go to file -> save and open it up with wordpad or whateve program. They won't get your asp, but they will get your html.

http://www.softlandmark.com/HTMLEncryption.htm <- site

what's the site that copied yours? Email them saying you're a lawyer how their in violation of the DMCA and you're going to press charges unless they shut down their site. That'd be funny!

There really is no way to truly hide it. If it's HTML, it can be gotten, no matter what. You can use clever JavaScript to disable right click, etc... etc... But any clever user can disable JavaScript. You can use JavaScript includes to hide some of the code, but it does no good for HTML. (If you do a JavaScript include, then the user can just look at the path.)

The only code that you could hide would be code that would run on the server like ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP, etc. Other than that, there really is no way. HTML was not designed for that, nor the browsers. That's why we have server side scripting to handle security stuff. If you're really that desperate, you can use flash to make the site, or if you're even more desperate, you can use images as each page - but that would only work for content. Even if you did that, of course, the user can just hit PrintScreen and be able to capture you content. They could also save the file as.

I don't think you should even bother to protect it. If it's important information, then don't put it up. Your code can't be all that ground-breaking.... there's a whole world out there of free scripts/content that anyone can swipe. Even if you were to encrypt it, the browser just displays whatever comes from the server. So I can go to your site, swipe your encrypted HTML, and just paste it on my page. The browser would need some in-between application layer where it could filter the encrypted version of your site. You could probably write an ActiveX script that the user can download, so it takes your encrypted page... but this gets complicated. The user will just move on and probably never install it.

Another option would be having accounts for user, and only let certain users that are registered see that information. Hope this was helpful.

ahhhhh man I will look at that web site. And that guy who cloned it was a fan lol I looked in my old outlook files and clicked on the link it was the same site my site just smaller. Also I reformated and lost all my sites sorry. Thanks for helping me out some of my site is .asp and most now is .HTML

Thanks again.

Is the ASP stuff being dynamically loaded? The only page that i see that is ASP i gateway.asp, just curious as to whether it is.


First page is HTML GATEWAY is .asp and so is "about me" and "web sites" everything else is .HTML

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