Hey inscissor ever use yahoo? I'm so sick of people coming into the rooms and booting people. The safest way to be on Yahoo is through Java. Which means you logg under www.yahoo.com instead of using there HTML Messanger.

Now I want pay back because they have rooms called "The Booter rooms and so on and so on.

I want you to make me the coolest "Java" Booter possible. Just code that goes into Java that will overload IE. I know this sounds dumb but I want payback.

I know your probadly thinking I'm crazy but maybe we can work something out.

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If I do help you (it would never be for a program like this), then you'd be one of them. Just let it go man. Half of these people are little pubeless 14 year olds who have nothing to do but stuff like this. Grow up, go outside, smoke some weed, just don't let it get to you. (Joking about the weed part.)
If you do however want useful information towards something with a little more taste, then I'll be here.

I know man lol I was just wondering if you know what I'm talking about my friend been going to college for like a Year now learned Java/VB/C/C++ all that crap I told him that and he says the same thing you said he knows Java Programming not Web Java. Anywho lol thanks a lot man.

I'm very interested in how people create punters and things like aimbots and stuff (aimbots like smarterchild). For one.. is aim protocols open source!! cause there's like trillian and a billion others that use it and i want to know how the hell they connect to and use the aol/aim networks!!!

Well, that programming that you learn at school, especially the first/second course you take is just to master the basics. It takes a while to master it. Some people think that because they know a couple of if statments and classes, they consider themselves as programmers. It goes far beyond that. I think if you really understand pointers/objects/classes/inheritence/data structures and how to use them, you're good to go.

What I recommend your friend to do is to just pick a good book on Java Server Pages if he wants to get started with back end programming. It won't be hard, it's just a matter of understanding what classes to use in your scripts. Best to your friends.

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