I want to organize my site better, as im building this im finding alot of pages in my index folder. Can i set the links to look for the next html in a folder. If so whats the cmd. Or is that not possible and I should start to study changing my vast amount of info to database instead of putting in all this code one at a time.
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I think this is what you are asking...

Basically you’re saying you have too many files in the root folder, and you want to re organize it.

Say you are building an extreme sports website (just the first thing that came into my head). And you want to organize your site by sport.

First you would make all the folders (i.e. "surfing", "downhill", "bmxing".) then you would put all the html, asp, php, files that relate to that sport in the relevant folder. (i.e. surfing.html would go in the "surfing" folder.)

Then to link to the surfing.html page from your homepage or any other page for that matter, you would set the hyperlink to http://domain.com/surfing/surfing.html

But note that your homepage (index.html) must be in the root (index) folder to work.

Hope that helps,


Oh you are the MAN. Its so simple yet i overlooked it.

Thanks Again, this really helps. FYI, mine is a catolog of all of my DVD's.
with discriptions and personal picks.

Glad i could be of help.

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