I am currently working on a form in dreamweaver i i ran into a block.

on myan forms online now there's a text feild and in that feild it tells you what to input in that feild and when you click inside the feild the text that was inside it is deleted and you are left with a clear feild to type. i can't figure out how to have the text automatically deleted.

any help will be greatly appreciated, even if it's just to tell me that it can't be done in dreamweaver.

Thank You

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That form is most likely using JavaScript to make the code disappear. I don't think this is a native function of Dreamweaver.

It can certainly be done, but probablly not in a drop and drag fashion through dreamweaver or a dreamweaver plugin.

I think something more important to consider is that if this is your first form, fancy javascript is something to worry down the road a bit. I would concentrate on form methods and understanding some basic validation.

Once you have a few under your belt then certainly look into javascript or perhaps flash forms to get the effects your after.

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