I have an offline web application to play WMV files for a kiosk PC. For the purposes of the kiosk I have a frameset with a navigation bar in the top frame and each video page loading in the bottom frame. I was wondering if it is possible to have the bottom frame redirected to a specific page AFTER the WMV file is done playing, and if so what the coding would be. Currently when the video is done it displays the stopped Windows Media Player window.

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Since usually a user configures what player he wants associated with a particular media type, there is no provision in the DOM for media-related event handlers.

However, since this is a kiosk application, where you control the media type (WMV), and the player (Windows Media), and the browser (IE) then you may get away with some highly-specific code.

Check out this page on MSDN, describing the events associated with Windows Media Player and how to access them with JScript.

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