I posted a thread similiar to this earlier and it worked for one pic i uploaded.
I tried uploading some others and they look fine when viewing them from the hard drive but when i upload them i get an empty square. this is the code i have marked the picture codes in bold.

[<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"
<p><font size="5">Fran is Bi</p></font>
<p><font size="5">Aldo fancies India</p></font>
<p><font size="5">Julia fancies Omer</p></font>
<p><font size="5">Alexandra fancies Mr Roberts</p></font>
<p><font size="5">India is Bi</p></font>
<p><font size="5">Wooshi fancies Guff</p></font>
<img src="wooshie.gif" width="130" height="120" border="0">
<p><font size="5">Omer fancies Florence who left</p></font>
<img src="omer.gif" width="130 height="120 border="0">
<p><font size="4">

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HLA, Chief Designer]

What is going wrong


Are the images in the same folder as the HTML? You need to provide a path to the images. Please research [search]relative paths[/search], [search]absolute paths[/search], and the [search]base href[/search] property.


See this --> <img src="omer.gif" width="130 height="120 border="0">

replace with <img src="http://www.mywebsite.com/omer.gif" width="130 height="120 border="0">

then check http://www.mywebsite.com/omer.gif comes up in your web browser.

The best rules to abide with are:

1. Upload your images first via ftp to your server
2. Use the full image path like my example.

If they appear in your browser they should appear in your webpage.

Good Luck with it


Hi there,

Well your both post are similar, for answer you should review the you last post,

ok here the some examples:-

img tag

<img src="Location of you Image" alt="alternate text" border="0" />

Examples 1:

When the HTML Page and the image in same folder

<img src="image.jpg" alt="My Image" border="0" />

Examples 2:

When the HTML Page in root of website and the image in folder name images which is in root website,

<img src="/images/image.jpg" alt="My Image" border="0" />

First “/” represent the root
“Images” represent the folder where the image is stored/saved
“image.jpg” its name of image

Best regards
Rahul Dev

Hello with my years of experience i have learnt its best to:

1. Upload your images first to your server
2. Use the full image path
3. Use a qaulity program Like Namo Web Editor, add an image and provie the url of the image.

All you need to do then is upload your webpages and you don't have to worry about anything else.

Good Luck with it