Is there an i-frame expert out there?

I am sure I have found a bug.

Take a look at this page:

The white box is an i-frame and the red box is a table. I have found that any objects below the top line of the i-frame disappear when online. For example in this example you'll see that the red box is one pixel abouve the top live of the i-frame. If I move the reb box down one pixel so it is level with the frame it disappears.

Does anyone know why this happens?



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It looks like your page is a work in progress, as I do not recognise any of it from your post. Except it obviously contains an IFrame.

I suspect what you have run into is not a bug (unless you don't work at microsoft). I suspect its the Internet Explorer handling of special objects. IFrame, Select boxes and activeX components are shown in a seperate zIndex to other html objects. The result is that these objects hide other objects in pages that are not formatted in a manner microsoft thought of.

I suspect your implementation is less confusing on Firefox.


I figured it out, I missed out the closing iframe tag!

Thanks for the help though.


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