Hi All,
M having a html page on which there is a SAVE Button. And when i click on SAVE button , it pop-ups Save Dialog box through which i save the .html as .doc file on local drive.
Now the problem in that is , it saves all data except the images in WORD.
So can any one help me out in how to save .html file with images to .doc file.



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well. im guessing it doesn't save the image's because their locations are relative to somewhere else.. if you're using the File>Save As.. in Internet explorer, you have to choose "Web page,complete" rather than "Web page, HTML only". That will copy the images into a folder called {name_of_page}_files, and update all links to point into that folder.

But, I don't know what you mean by save as .doc? You can't just save HTML as a Word Document (well, you can, but it wont be a Word Document). You could then open the saved HTML file in Word, and save it as a DOC file I suppose. Give it a try.

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