Hi and thank you for reading bellow,

I am trying to figure out how to encode on Dreamweaver my French version of my website

My computer crashed down recently and I did reinstall Microsoft XP as well new version of Dreamweaver 8. When I go to my website now they are some hieroglyph on the French version. I tried to change the fonts into French but still problems. I also tried the help of dreamweaver, which I found not helpful at all.

Is anyone that could help on this to give me the instruction I need?

Thank in advance

I fixed the problem thanks anyway

Could i know how you have fixed the problem ? It could be very helpful to others to know the solution.

Sorry not thinking about other I was just thinking that I could be the only one with that problem.

encoding problems

Open each page of dreamweaver click on MODIFY then page propreties, a window appear on the right of this window click on Title/encoding then another window appear click on encoding on your right and choose (unicode) UTF-8 then apply. Close the window and save the page on dreamweaver.

You have to do this on all your pages of your website, it is also usefull if you want to run a sitemape with Google as they ask you to do to be found by their server easier.

Hope this is well explained and helpfull to you