I've been playing around with a program (similar to Dreamweaver, or at least people say it is) called Nvu which is open-source and free. I was just wondering if anyone who is more experienced then me (noob) could offer some tips or advice. It would be awesome if you could because I'm really interested in site design but need some help, if not I'll learn it eventually anyway. Thanks, Bernie/myself

What kind of advice are you looking for?
Are you familiar with web development? If not it would be advisable that you begin to learn the languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, and NVU is the perfect tool for that.

NVU is based on the Mozilla Composer and designed to support standards. Short of using a more professional tool, NVU is probably the best application for beginers interested in doing things the right way.

I would suggest you take a minute to check out the NVU support page, there may be some links in there that will answer some of your questions:

I'm sorry I can't help you because I use dreamweaver mx.