Ok so I have been programming for like 2 years, and im not rich enough to buy my own domain so i use freewebs... anyway i have a problem with css in ie. Is this a natural problem with ie? Is there anyway to make css class definitions compatible? etc... The site i am having trouble with is http://www.freewebs.com/mattrandompoems/ Thanks!

there are specific "hacks" and general hack methods, but needing to hack is often a sign of a deeper underlying issue.

do you use a doctype? (some) problems with CSS can be solved by using an up-to-date document type specification... if something looks ok in Firefox, Opera and the like, but not in IE, sometimes it's a doctype issue, sometimes its an IE issue, sometimes it's a developer choice issue.

can't really help you more than that.

oh, that and some links:

Ok so apparently the problem was just me being a idiot programmer,
in my code i had comments shown as


When it should have been

<!-- comment-->