I need to provide an HTML code snippet (form elements displayed within a table) that my clients will be inserting into their web pages. One of the requirements is that I provide CSS atrributes to the table elements so the client can customize color, font, etc to match their site. To do this, what HTML tags do I need to assign a class value?

Thanks in advance.

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Anything that can potentially be modified.

We would need to see the table and form to get more specific than that.

Here is a short example:

       <TH colspan="2">Contact Form</TH>
      <TD>First Name <BR> <INPUT name="txtFirstName"></TD>
      <TD>Last Name <BR> <INPUT name="txtLastName"></TD>
       <TD>Company <BR> <INPUT name="txtCompany"></TD>
       <TD><INPUT name="submit" value="Submit" type="button"></TD>


We want to allow the following formating with CSS:

Field Label font, font size, and color (ie First Name/Last Name)
Background color for TH and TD
Table borders/border color, cellspacing etc.

Well...without seeing the site, provide options for all table tags

If you want to get more specific, you can add class names for each row and/or column as well.

Nice resource...thanks.

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