Ok, issues going on here. Desiging a site and i am getting random spaces between a few of my buttons that are images, but the identical code is used for buttons a bit further down, and no problem. You'll see that if you go here: www.eugenerc.com/flypacificskies/index.php . You see there that there is weird spacing going on hmm?

Also, any ideas on how to improve? Im FAR from done, but any help would be lovely! Thanks!

The only thing that is a bit different from the "about psvc" and "pilot" bit is that you have closed an extra </b> tag? I don't know what differents this will make.

You asked for some general advice

1. You should consider centering your page.
2. Try putting a 5/10px margin at the top.
3. You need something that will end the page properly, this could possibly be some text links in a box or anything that stops the page from just endingby being cut of.

You website has good potential though.

PS, If you still can't figure out what the problem with the buttons are it may help just to simply do it again, because you often correct the mistakes without knowing it.

Im experimenting now, the thing that does work is force a spacing on it, however doesn't look too great with a big gap. I have include statements in the file, so that it brings in the design portion of the page

I have just looked at you page again and I think you have resized you buttons in the html because they look much worse than yesterday.

I still think that your page would look better centered. Basically all you need to do is put a div tag around you whole page. Then in your css set the margin-left and margin-right properties to auto.

I also think you margin at the top should be the same color as your background (of the whole page) color.

Hope that helps you.