I have seen other Websites which have their logo next to their web address where there is normally a picture of an "e" on top of a piece of paper (See the right hand side of the address bar on this page).
Do you know how I could change it ?



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Do a web-search on "favicon".

if u go to pixel2life.com and do a search for favicons there a couple of tutorials that will help you there :D

To: tgreer and sbmarsh

Thanks a lot I'll try it.

I tried it and it came up with the code:

<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="favicon.ico">

I then put this into the head of my home page and saved the file favicon.ico but I still have the webpage icon - why is this :?:


What file format did you use? You cannot just rename a GIF, JPG or BMP. You need image editing software that saves the favicon in an ICO format, which is special.

Another thought: You may need to bookmark the page in your favorites before the icon image shows up. I've also seen the favicon icons come and go in the favorites.

Yep, it's a ".ico" file.
And it's in my favorites.
-- Another thing on the subject of favorites - For some reason when I bookmark Freewebs.com it is never still there the next day.


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